Frequently Asked

What does ‘Affordable Housing’ mean?

Affordable housing is not the same term as ‘low income housing’ or ‘public housing’. Affordable housing simply is affordable. HUD defines affordable as roughly one-third (30% – 33%) of household income being spent on housing. Where real estate prices are high, this one-third can be easily exceeded. WHA aims to provide opportunities for very-low to moderate income households to find affordable housing within the 59937 zip code.

Are pets allowed in affordable housing units?

Pets are always allowed in homes being purchased, but restrictions vary for rental homes. HUD supports facilities that allow pets, although there may be restrictions of size and number of animals. It is possible for an additional deposit to be required up front, or ‘pet rent’ paid monthly. Private developments with affordable units will vary as to allow-ability and restrictions. Refer to each development’s website for specific requirements.

Is all affordable housing publicly owned and run?

Not necessarily, it depends on the unit. Whitefish Housing Authority administers one public housing facility, Mountain View Manor, and two additional homes owned by WHA. WHA also works in partnership with private developers to offer affordable units to renters and homebuyers making between 60% – 120% of the Area Mean Income (AMI).

Is affordable housing just for low Income people?

No. Housing is a large expense for families of all income levels – in fact, HUD recommends no more than one-third of a household’s income be spent on housing. With real estate prices rising and a tight rental market, many workers in Whitefish are challenged to find housing. WHA aims to create housing opportunities for people who make between roughly $32,000 – $68,000 per year or between 60% – 120% AMI. (2019 figures). Many regular working employees, including business owners, service sector employees, retirees, nurses, teachers, ski patrollers, and other valued members of our community would qualify for our programs.

What does AMI mean?

AMI is the ‘Area Median Income’ established by HUD annually. It’s the average household income for each county across the USA. In 2019, the AMI for Flathead County for a 2-person household (the average in Whitefish) is $53,400. This is also referred to as ‘100% AMI’. AMI is used as a baseline of comparison for determining real estate affordability and market availability.

What is Fair Housing?

The Fair Housing Act is a law enacted as part of civil rights legislation that prohibits discrimination in home sales, rentals, and financing based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or disability.

Who can apply for housing 
in Mountain View Manor?

Mountain View Manor (MVM) residents are senior citizens and members of our community who require ADA accessible facilities.

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